Newsletters: Tips for Successful Marketing

Word Of Mouth Marketing

It doesn’t get much better than word of mouth marketing, aka ‘WOM’.  Every business owner agrees that when word of mouth kicks into high gear nothing works better.  Best part of WOM advertising is the... Read More

Email Marketing

This month I’m talking about EMAIL MARKETING.  There are different types of email marketing you can do.  There is the one-way email communication from business to customer.  This is suitable for most small businesses that... Read More

Marketing Tips for a New Year

I’m a fan of making resolutions for the New Year. I do it personally and I also do it for my businesses. Whether you make resolutions or not, it’s a good time to review your... Read More

It’s All About Your Customers

Okay, we’re into the New Year, ready or not.  If you don’t have a complete marketing/media plan for 2015, it’s not too late to develop one to begin the 2nd quarter of this year.  As... Read More

Direct Mail is Making a Marketing Comeback

Guess what’s making a comeback?  Direct mail.  As in postal.  Really?  Really!  There are a few reasons: 1) Email marketing/spam that’s choking your inbox suddenly makes stuff in your mailbox not so junky anymore. 2) It... Read More

Tips to Make 2014 Business Better

Ready to make 2014 look different and better than 2013?  Here are some of the things I plan to change as well as some practical advice.  Perhaps some of it will resonate with you. This... Read More