Affluent Markets

We’ve identified programs that are a proven success in this targeted market. Below are our winners for not only a return on your investment but trackable returns. We can help you determine which programs are the best fit for your business in the competitive and hard to reach affluent market.

RSVP Asheville

• Luxury postcard pack mailed to 40,000 affluent homeowners
• Great for upscale home improvement projects & culture/arts subscriptions
• Program is very measureable
• Proven results.  Unheard of 70% continuation rate.

Asheville Lifestyle Magazine

• New to Asheville market featuring finest in local living
• Delivered monthly to 14,000 homes valued up to $5MM
• Average yearly income $120,000
• Parent company publishes local magazines in recognized markets including Newport Beach, Scottsdale, Brentwood, Boulder, Atlanta area and many others. 
• + 400 copies delivered to qualified doctor & dentist offices, retailers, restaurants

Blue Ridge Motorcycling Magazine

• High quality glossy guide to motorcycling through the Blue Ridge Parkway
• Targets people with passion & prosperity
• Distributed through motorcycle dealers, upscale shops, inns and hotels, & restaurants in WNC, the Blue Ridge region, Charleston, Savannah, Hilton Head & other affluent areas; 10,000 copies on sale at newsstands.
• Mailed directly to motorcycle owners with proven assets & means
• Great demographic for upscale businesses

Lifestyle TV

• TV advertising is alive and well
• Can include, cable, DirecTV, Dish subscribers
• Select programming that matches your affluent target
• Surprisingly affordable
• + great online/digital package that includes banner ads or video that matches your market & geo penetration







Affluent Data

• High incomes $125k+
• Home Values
• Interests/Lifestyle
• Investors
• Net worth $1MM-$2MM+
• Travel
• Vehicles owned


• Donors
• Golfers
• New Movers/Homeowners
• Pet Owner
• Political Affiliation
• Second Homeowner
• Wealthy Seniors
and so much more…


Baby Boomers / Seniors

This market segment responds to direct mail.  Plain and simple.  The DM Shop is recognized nationally for its understanding of the mature marketplace and the special lists that have been created to reach the relevant segments within the aging population.  It is important to understand the different segments, interests, and behaviors of this market and not treat it as one single statistical population.  Reach the following senior groups:

• Adult Children With Live-In Parents
• Empty Nesters
• Seniors With Specific Ailments (self-reported/HIPAA complied)
• Single Seniors
• Active Seniors
• Wealth Seniors
• Buyers of OTC medicines
• By Date of Birth and more…




Birthday programs offer a unique chance to send an offer to an historically responsive prospect.  There is no offer more relevant than to send a birthday greeting and promotion —- you just have to take advantage of it — after all, it’s a birthday gift!  Birthday programs work especially well for restaurants.  People rarely celebrate birthdays alone; they bring the party with them.  Send out a birthday card with a special offer for the birthday celebrant a month before their birthday and make it good for the entire birthday month.  The DM Shop birthday program is turnkey including list, creative, printing, mail handling, postage.

• Acquire new customers simply by wishing them a Happy Birthday
• Develop a monthly promotion to new people with an offer that’s pretty hard to refuse
• Mail an oversized postcard to people turning whatever ages fit your audience
• Select an income that matches your customer profile
• Select from zip codes in your marketing area
• Monthly minimum can be set not to exceed your budget
• 100% measurable.  Must bring in card for validation
• Perfect for restaurants.  People rarely celebrate alone.
• Also good for spas, boutiques, jewelry stores, maid service, entertainment






Charitable Donors

Targeting donors by their specific cause is a must when it comes to fundraising. 
Precise data for direct mail solicitations including past donors to relevant causes. 
Select demographics to create the perfect audience from these donor lists:

• Animal Welfare
• Children’s Causes
• Environmental Donors
• Cultural Arts Donors
• Health & Disease
• Humanitarian/Disaster Relief Donors
• Political Causes
• Religious Donors
• Veterans Causes
• Women’s Issues and more….

New Movers

New movers are a great target market to introduce your business or service.  Typically, these are folks who are new to an area and have not established loyalty to a local business.  It is a great starting point for developing a relationship.  The best part is you are reaching new people every month and the quantity is manageable for small business budgets.

• More than 10,000 people have recently moved in the Asheville area
• The DM Shop can supply you with names & addresses of new movers in your local area
• For years studies prove that people purchase a huge variety of goods & services after their move
• Many do not have a frame of reference for local businesses — be the first to reach them
• Great continuity program that’s not overwhelming where you send a postcard each month introducing your business
• Select homeowners, or renters, or both

Organic Lifestyle

Asheville knew organic before it became trendy
Many businesses rely on an organic-centric audience
The DM Shop has unique data that identifies proven buyers of:

• Natural foods
• Household cleaning supplies
• Baby care products
• Holistic medicines/Herbs
• Nutritional products
• Hybrid auto owners
• Subscribers to organic/green publications
• Donors to eco-friendly causes and many more….

Sports Lovers

Special TV packages can be designed to promote your business in the Asheville/WNC regional areas to sports fans. 

Select programming that fits your target sports market:  ESPN, Fox Sports Net South, SportSouth, Golf, Versus, etc.

Ad spots for your business can run for a week, monthly, quarterly, yearly or just during certain seasons.  There are a lot of affordable options.  Success in TV advertising is based upon continuous exposure and frequency.  

Bonus Opportunity:
Special high profile programs are available throughout the year:

• Monday Night/Thursday Night Football
• College Football
• NCAA – March Madness
• PGA Golf Tournaments
• Rio Olympic Games




TourVideo Network In-Room Hotel TV

• Reach tourists, visitors, and business travelers with an in-room hotel video shown on hotel TVs located in each hotel guest room.

• High quality video presentation entertains and informs guests with the best of Asheville shopping, dining, and attractions.

• Video ads play 24 hours/7 days a week in more than 3,000 Asheville hotel rooms reaching tens of thousands of visitors each year.  

• New hotels are added to the program throughout the year. 

• According to a Nielsen study on travel, 85% or more visitors watch the video at least once during their stay at a participating hotel

• For many hotels today, the in-room video has replaced an in-person concierge.  A list of hotels is available upon request.

• Spots are typically 30 seconds and billed monthly.  Request a quote to fit your budget.